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What To Do If Your Fantasy Football Team Is Bad

Despite having listened to plenty of Fantasy Football podcasts and read Fantasy Football articles in preparation, and doing what you feel like was an enormous amount of research, maybe you’ve got a bad, poorly performing team.

It’s not a great feeling when you have a garbage team, but it happens.

Since currently, we’re nearing the end of the season, maybe you’re at a point where you just want to learn for the following year.

Regardless of where your team or your head is at right now, the following are things to know and ways to cope if you’re dealing with a bad Fantasy Football team.

Go to the Waiver Wire

If you have a bad team, one of the best things to do is hit the waiver wire. The waiver wire can be make-or-break for your entire season, and it lets you pick up players that other leagues have dropped or who weren’t drafted.

Every NFL season comes with a lot of unpredictability, and there are players who ultimately end up performing above or below expectations. The waiver wire is sometimes what can set a great Fantasy Football general manager apart from one who’s not as great.

There are definitely situations where a player starts the season on the waiver wire and then wins the championship for a fantasy team.  Injuries affect the waiver wire quite a bit, especially for running backs, but for all positions overall.

You should be proactive with the waiver wire because if you’re waiting around thinking you’re going to find someone better in a week or two, your team is going to keep performing poorly. If you have someone who’s not helping your team, try to switch him for someone who will, or at least has the potential to.

Know When to Make a Cut

Your team might be doing poorly because your drafted someone who ended up being a bust. That’s a tough thing to realize and sometimes even tougher to admit. You don’t want to admit you made a huge mistake, but that’s the only way you’ll be able to move forward.

Drop players if you need to, and find ones who are going to help you where you are currently.

You can try to make a trade as well if your team isn’t meshing and things aren’t clicking. You might have a bench of studs, but you can’t put them in your lineup. For example, maybe you made a mistake early on and drafted too many QBs, but then the remainder of your lineup isn’t good. You can fix this with a trade if you have someone who’s willing and you have someone they need.

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Trades aren’t always easy in Fantasy, especially if you’re at a point where it’s early in the season, and owners have that seemingly eternal hope in their draft picks.

It can be a lot easier later in the season when that hope is dwindling.

Don’t try to be tricky with trades, though. Just try to make a deal that’s fair, and that is going to provide value for both of you.

Change Up Your Weekly Lineup

If you aren’t doing well, you should start taking risks. If you aren’t taking risks, then you’re just going to stay at the bottom. The worst thing that’s going to happen when you’re risky with your lineup is that you keep losing, but if you make no changes, that will happen anyway.

Enjoy the Season Regardless

Maybe you’re at a point where there’s no fixing your team. However, there are still things you can enjoy whatever you have left of the season.

One idea is to play daily fantasy sports, which let you start fresh every week. Even if you have a horrible week, you have plenty of hope for the next one. If you’ve lost momentum with your team, daily Fantasy can be a good way to gain some of that excitement.

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Head to the message boards as well. A big part of what players of Fantasy Football love are trash-talking, so go all out. If your season has tanked, you can become the king of trash talk or the queen.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to start prepping for the next season. It’s never too early, so you can start identifying your sleepers right now. You can also enjoy whatever is left of the football season, maybe without some of the stress that comes with watching it when you only care about your Fantasy team.