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Unlocking the Skyrim Backpack Mod for Xbox One, PS4, and Skyrim

Looking to add some extra storage to your game of Skyrim? Check out our guide on how to unlock the backpack mod for Xbox One, PS4, and Skyrim.

1. Elsopa Big Backpack HD

The Elsopa Big Backpack HD mod for Xbox One, PS4, and Skyrim is a very popular backpack mod. It introduces over 50 new basic game elements, including a fully configurable backpack that can be outfitted with a choice of weapons, armor components, and gear. The backpack also has a number of aesthetic customization choices, enabling players to change the look of their character’s bag.

The mod also adds a number of new objects that may be discovered in different locations across Skyrim. The Elsopa Big Backpack HD mod has received high appreciation for its many features and attention to detail. Because of its versatility and breadth of settings, it has rapidly become one of the most popular Skyrim modifications, particularly with the recent flying mod overhauled.

2. Knapsack Backpacks

Knapsack Backpacks are an item in the popular action RPG game Skyrim. They are a form of backpack that allows you to carry more weight in your inventory, or ‘load,’ at any one moment. Traditionally, these bags are found as treasure in dungeons and other spots across the world. The Skyrim Backpack Mod, on the other hand, enables players to acquire these backpacks via gameplay-based chores and crafting.

Depending on the resources utilized, players may receive numerous types of knapsack backpacks:

  • Leatherback Packs are composed of leather,
  • Ironhide Packs are constructed of iron ore derived through smelting ore,
  • Hornback Packs are constructed from the horns/antlers of hunting animals such as deer or elk,
  • Quicksilver Silverback Packs contain quicksilver ingots made from quicksilver ore gathered from rock formations scattered around Skyrim’s global map.

Each of these varieties has its own set of characteristics and carrying capacity, so it’s critical to chose carefully when deciding which to utilize.

3. Big Leather Backpack

The Big Leather Backpack is a mod for the Xbox One, PS4, and Skyrim versions of the game. It includes an additional leather-bound backpack that may be used to store extra stuff. The size of the backpack increases your character’s carrying capacity, enabling them to carry twice as many stuff as they typically would.

Jorok, a modder, created the Big Leather Backpack, which he defines as “large enough for holding armor and weapons.” It features a weightless design, which means it will not add any more weight to your character’s inventory. Furthermore, the backpack is designed to seem like a genuine leather bag and is embellished with a stylised dragon emblem.

The Big Leather Backpack is a very handy mod for anybody playing the Skyrim version of the game on Xbox One or PS4 who needs some more inventory space.

4. Sabre Gear Backpack

The Sabre Gear Backpack is an essential addon for Skyrim players on Xbox One, ps4 4, and PC. You can simply store additional goods in your inventory with this mod, helping you to keep your gameplay experience going smoothly.

The Sabre Gear Backpack is a Skyrim backpack that enables the player to carry up to 40 extra treasure or crafting components. This mod was created exclusively for the Xbox One and ps4 4 versions of Skyrim, and it works flawlessly on both. Other modifications, such as the Carry Weight Mod-Enhanced, are also compatible with the Sabre Gear Bag, enabling you to carry even more goods in your virtual backpack.

With the Sabre Gear Backpack fitted, you can now easily explore all of Tamriel.

5. Leather Backpack

The Leather Backpack patch is a necessary addition to the Skyrim backpacks accessible to Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers. The addon enhances your player character’s gaming experience by increasing carrying capacity and adding inventory space. The mod also includes two backpack model changes, enabling you to outfit your player character with either a low-quality raw leather bag or a more elegant one made of treated leather.

In addition to the improved carrying capacity and inventory space provided by the patch, various fascinating things may be found buried inside some of the new backpacks. Recipe books, potions, gold coins, and weaponry are all examples. Once you obtain these bags via crafting at different tanning racks, they offer an intriguing source of extra gameplay features that may aid you in your Skyrim quest.

6. Skyrim Outfitters Backpacks For Adventuring

Skyrim Outfitters Backpacks for Adventure is a mod for the Xbox One, ps4 4, and Skyrim that adds new backpacks to the game. The backpacks come in a variety of sizes and textures. Smaller, lighter bags are ideal for long-distance travel, whilst bigger backpacks are ideal for carrying heavier goods such as camping gear and supplies.

Skyrim Outfitters Backpacks come in a range of colors, textures, and materials to complement the game’s immersive atmosphere. Players may adjust their load-outs to better fit their character’s requirements in whatever area they may find when exploring The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on their gaming platform using these choices:

  • Smaller, lighter bags
  • Bigger backpacks
  • Range of colors
  • Textures
  • Materials

7. Carrying Bags & Pouches

Carrying bags and pouches are a terrific way to make your Skyrim gaming experience more convenient. This hack enables Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Skyrim users to take these handy goods with them wherever they go.

Bags and pouches are often divided into two types: bigger bags that can contain more stuff and smaller variants that are tailored to carry certain objects. Depending on the available weight restriction, the player may connect up to four bags or pouches at once. After attaching it with a specific crafting table, the player may fast access their inventory by merely opening their bag or pouch instead of physically searching for it in their inventory.

This mod is ideal for players who want to ensure that all of their things are conveniently accessible when exploring Tamriel.

How to Install Skyrim Mods?

Installing Skyrim modifications may be a terrific way to give the game fresh life while also providing a new challenge. Installing modifications can be both entertaining and rewarding, whether you want to add new graphical upgrades or simply adjust the gameplay. The actual procedure varies depending on the platform, so we’ll go through the methods for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players who wish to unlock the Skyrim Backpack Mod.

Users of the Xbox One: Begin by obtaining Skyrim Special Edition from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Live. After downloading, run the game and go to the Mods menu. Following the selection of Modifications, you will be able to browse and search for available mods under the Bethesda Workshop tab. Select your chosen mod and click Install, then follow the installation instructions if necessary.

Before installing any pre-made modifications from Bethesda’s servers on PlayStation 4, you’ll need a Bethesda account. To do so, go to Bethesda’s website and establish an account using your PS4 credentials, or use an existing one if you already have one, then log in with those credentials when requested on your console. From there, click over to Playstation Store and search for “Skyrim Backpack Mod“. Once identified, download the required mod from the “Additional downloads” section, then play Skyrim Special Edition on your console and choose Mods from the main menu screen. You may then go through the options until you reach the Official Mods area, where your selected mod should be ready to install.


The Skyrim Backpack Mod is a fantastic mod that adds a virtual backpack to each of the game’s characters. This backpack is quite useful since it enables you to carry more stuff than you could otherwise, saving you time and money.

It can be installed on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game, albeit there are minor changes between them. On Xbox One and PS4, the mod must be downloaded and manually installed from Bethesda’s website. It may be installed on a PC using Nexus Mod Manager or Wrye Bash.

Overall, the Skyrim Backpack Mod is a very useful addition to any player’s inventory management arsenal. It may take some time to figure out how to get it running on your favorite platform, but the advantages will be well worth the effort.

Skyrim Backpack Mod for Xbox One - PS4 - and Skyrim SE