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Making Your Skyrim Characters Look Better With Better Faces Mods For Xbox One, PS4

If you’re looking to improve the look of your Skyrim characters on Xbox One or PS4, you’ll need to install some mods. Here are some of the best face mods available.

List of the Best Skyrim Better Faces Mods

Better Faces Mods for Xbox One and PS4 Skyrim gamers add realism and individuality to your characters’ faces. The Skyrim Better Faces Modifications collection contains a wide variety of mods, each of which offers a distinct alteration or addition to the game’s current face varieties. Players may improve the appearance of their characters using these tweaks.

Mods such as EZ2C’s Vanilla Style Skin Textures improve the vanilla game’s face textures, making them more realistic and detailed. Another popular mod is Enhanced Character Edit, which enables players to totally design their character’s face by adjusting elements such as face form, height, width, age, and many more.

Finally, modifications like ELFX – Exteriors provide an added degree of realism by adding weather effects to your characters’ faces that imitate real-life outside conditions. Each mod on this list is intended to highlight the greatest qualities of the unique character while also offering more convincing textures and life-like emotions for your character’s models.


Q&A is an excellent resource for learning more about how to improve the appearance of your Skyrim characters using Better Faces Mods for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This sort of mod allows players to personalize the appearance of their characters and gives a variety of face traits that may be expanded further with game-changing tweaks.

Questions& Answers are a fun way to engage with the game while also learning more about the game’s components and customization possibilities. Questions& Answers may also help you get answers to typical DIY project queries or learn about the many sorts of modifications available for consoles and PCs. They enable players to get particular knowledge from veteran players who have firsthand expertise.

This form of Q&A may assist beginner players obtain a clear knowledge of how they might enhance their gaming experience while also allowing expert players to push themselves even further by generating unique character designs or changing current characters in certain ways.

What mods make Skyrim characters look better?

The modifications that improve the appearance of Skyrim characters vary depending on the platform. To make their figures more lifelike, Xbox One users may choose from a range of high-resolution textures, smoother face motions, and better body forms. There are modifications for PS4 controller button customisation and features that allow for higher-quality screenshots available for PlayStation 4 gamers. Both platforms also feature a variety of shader modifications that change the appearance of Skyrim’s environment. ENBseries and Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics (NLVA) are two prominent shader tweaks.

Furthermore, with specific face/head morphing mods available for both platforms, gamers may alter their character’s visage to seem more realistic. Mods such as the “5 Birds” head morphs mod provide the user with five more face possibilities when constructing their avatar. The “5 Birds” head morphs mod is very popular since it includes unique face expressions and hairstyles that make your avatar stand out from the crowd.

Whats the best race to be in Skyrim?

Each player has a different taste for the greatest race in Skyrim based on their preferred style of play. However, certain races are more popular than others owing of the benefits they provide.

Animal lovers who wish to specialize on mounts and dealing with them can look at the Argonian or Khajiit races. Both of these races have access to talents like Animal Friend and Animal Taming, which are necessary for caring for your mounts and farm animals.

The Imperials race also provides various agricultural benefits, such as greater pricing for items sold at merchants and increased stamina while running long distances. All three of these races provide a solid foundation for players to build a character that excels at farming in Skyrim.

How do you make good-looking Breton in Skyrim?

To make your Breton seem attractive in Skyrim, you need start by modifying the character’s face. Using a face mod made exclusively for Xbox One and PS4 is the ideal method to achieve this since it allows for a higher degree of customisation. The 3 Dogs of Skyrim are among the most popular Breton face modifications for Xbox One and PS4.

Improved textures for hair, eyes, lips, noses, and other features make for more appealing characters. It also comes with a number of ready-made face presets, allowing you to create a distinctive appearance without having to spend too much time creating your character’s face from scratch.

You may make your Breton appear nice enough to join any Skyrim adventure by utilizing any of these modifications:

  • Improved textures for hair, eyes, lips, noses, and other features.
  • A number of ready-made face presets.


The Skyrim Better Faces Mods are an excellent approach to significantly enhance the looks of your characters in the game. The ability to personalize your character’s face, eyes, hair, and other traits enhances the game’s realism. These modifications, in addition to boosting the aesthetics, provide you greater flexibility in controlling your character, allowing you to make them appear precisely as you want them to.

Better faces modifications for Xbox One and PS4 undoubtedly boost immersion and pleasure while playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Skyrim Better Faces Mods For Xbox One - PS4 And PC