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Installing the Skyrim UNP Body Mod on PC and Xbox One

A quick and easy guide on how to install the Skyrim UNP Body Mod on PC and Xbox One.

List of the Top Skyrim UNP Body Mod

Skyrim UNP Body Mod is a popular and well-received mod for the hit game Skyrim. This mod aims to provide players a more distinct and customisable appearance for their characters. It adds new body forms, weight sliders, skin textures, face traits, hair styles, armor parts, and clothing items, among other things. The patch also modifies clothes models to better match the player’s body type.

To give players more control over their character’s look, the mod includes an in-game interface that allows them to alter a character’s body form without using terminal commands or manually editing data files. The mod is entirely compatible with the game’s PC and Xbox One versions.

Some of the most popular Skyrim UNP Body Mods include:

  • CBBE Bodyslide
  • Slof Slide HDT Unp Armors Ruhna& Elegance
  • Dark Ages Clothing Collection
  • KS Hairdos SSE 3D Long Hair Pack


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What is the UNP body mod?

The UNP body mod is a popular Skyrim mod that replaces the game’s regular bodies with new, more realistic body models. This patch introduces nine new body types to the game, ranging from thin and athletic to fat, allowing for even more character customization choices. The mod is completely free and works with both the PC and Xbox One versions of Skyrim.

This mod is pretty simple to install; instructions may be obtained on a variety of gaming websites, as well as on the official Nexus Mods page for UNP. You must unpack the mod into your Data folder after downloading it to your PC in order for it to display in-game when creating a character. While installing modifications might be difficult, this one is extremely simple and just needs you to follow the instructions given.

What is the best female body mod for Skyrim?

The UNP Body Mod is the greatest female body mod for Skryim. This mod adds a new body type to the game that is more realistic and voluptuous than the female body type in the standard game. It also modifies clothes, armor, and other objects to match this new body type.

You’ll need a copy of Skyrim and one of two mod managers, Nexus Mod Manager or Wryebash, to install the UNP Body Mod on your PC or Xbox One. You’ll be able to discover and download mod files from Nexus Mods or Bethesda’s Mods website after you’ve installed these applications. Once you’ve downloaded the files, just follow the installation instructions in Nexus Mod Manager or Wryebash.

What is the difference between UNP and CBBE?

Unified UNP (UUNP) and CBBE (Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer) are two of the most popular Skyrim body mod series. The key difference between them is that CBBE has more polygons and more body sliders than UUNP, whereas UUNP has less polygons but fewer body sliders than CBBE.

UUNP is better suited for PC since it provides faster in-game rendering. UUNP is also available in two versions: non-HD with a maximum poly count of 6K and HD with a maximum poly count of 8K. Both provide a plethora of possibilities for customizing your character’s appearance and feel.

CBBE, on the other hand, is more suited for consoles such as the Xbox One since it utilizes less hardware resources, resulting in smoother performance. It is also available in HD and non-HD variants, with the amount of polygons varying based on the edition selected, ranging from 2K to 8K in HD mode. Furthermore, CBBE offers additional customization possibilities, providing you better control over your character’s bodily type, including height and muscular tone, among other things.


Installing the Skyrim UNP body mod on PC and Xbox One is quite straightforward, although it will rely on your own tastes and level of experience with modding.

On PC, just download the Nexus Mod Manager, establish a free account, and download the mod. Then you must install it in the game files. Simply search for the mod in the Bethesda Mods shop on Xbox One, buy and download it, and then access it from inside Skyrim.

If you are new to modding or just want something simple, install UNP body type for any platform since it is simple to set up and tweak with other modifications for a more realistic gaming experience. Furthermore, this mod provides some excellent character customization tools that may be utilized to improve the appearance of your characters.

Skyrim UNP Body Mod For PC And Xbox One