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The Top 5 Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021

Here are the top 5 Skyrim follower mods of 2021 that you can download to improve your gameplay experience.



Skyrim is a popular video game that offers players a one-of-a-kind, immersive virtual experience. It has plots and a diverse cast of people, with followers being among the most engaging to connect with. There are several amazing modifications available for download that add new followers into the game or improve old ones, making playing Skyrim even more exciting.

These are the top five Skyrim follower modifications available in 2021:

  1. Inigo – Inigo is a Khajiit follower with full voice. He features over 7,000 recorded lines of conversation and several choices for personalizing his look and equipment.
  2. J’zargo – J’zargo is a devoted friend who was produced as an experimental wizard by the College of Winterhold. He may be recruited in Winterhold after completing a few tasks and comes with a Starter Spell Tome and other goods.
  3. Khavaer Viri – Khavaer Viri is an ex-mercenary from Morrowind and one of Skyrim’s fiercest male followers, with his own distinctive questline full of surprises.
  4. Serana – Serana is your principal companion throughout some of Skyrim’s darkest periods, delivering emotional support during arduous fights and moral guidance throughout the game’s narrative arc.
  5. Heljarchen Farm Fan Pack This mod adds three new characters to Heljarchen Farm; Siri, Uthgerd The Unbroken, and Valdimar were all obtained during distinct playthroughs. Each brings a unique set of talents to your trip, making it more immersive.

Overview of Follower Mods

Skyrim follower modifications are an excellent way to improve your game experience. With follower addons, you may have your own personal AI companion that will accompany you on your trip through Skyrim. They may fight with you in battle and provide extra conversation choices.

Vividian ENB introduces a fresh and distinct follower mod to the game, making it one of the top five followers modifications of 2021. This mod adds three new followers: the Akaviri Guard, the Vigilant Resistance Follower, and the Vividian Followers. These followers have distinct powers that set them apart from other follower modifications in 2021.

  • While Akaviri Guard can protect you from hostile forces, Vigilant Resistance Follower may be your friend for quite long time.
  • Finally, Vividian Followers allows for more interaction with NPCs as well as a variety of objectives for players to do in order to advance the tale.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim follower mod Inigo is incredibly customisable. This mod contains a completely new custom-voiced character who is strongly based on the original game but has been greatly improved. His behavior may be altered, additional conversation choices and missions added, and he can even have his own unique face if desired. He has a distinct history and is voiced by a professional actor.

Inigo also includes some unique encounters in the realm of Skyrim that will captivate you as you go through them. He is one of the most popular Skyrim Follower modifications of 2021 because to the degree of personalization, realism, and immersion he adds to the game.


Tamriel, the planet portrayed in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has a wide range of temperatures. Each location of Tamriel has its own distinct appearance and feel, from the snow-covered highlands of High Hrothgar to the scorching desert of Hammerfell. Additionally, each zone has its own set of animals and adversaries.

Tamriel’s environment influences the sorts of followers available for employment. For example, a character traveling through Skyrim’s harsh mountain areas will only encounter Nords as followers. A character journeying through Hammerfell’s sandy desert, on the other hand, will encounter Redguards as followers. Similarly, locales such as Solstheim and Morrowind have Dunmer Dark Elf followers that are unique to those areas.

In 2021, numerous mod authors have published some of the 6 best quest mods that provide new or improved follower choices throughout Tamriel’s many climates and locales. These modifications often entail the inclusion of new characters with distinct appearances and personalities, as well as the update of current characters with new items, armor sets, and other features. With so many possibilities, players must pick which mod is best suited to their playstyle and their adventure through Tamriel.


Obsidian Weathers & Seasons is a Skyrim mod that completely overhauls the game’s weather and seasonal systems. This mod includes weather patterns based on real-world data, as well as aesthetic changes to the environment, such as fog, snowfall, thunderstorms, and more. It also has new lighting settings that adjust to various times of day, making the virtual environment seem varied at all times.

It also enables players to change the severity of the weather they face in-game, giving them more control over their personal experience. Despite its complexity, Obsidian Weathers & Seasons is easy to use and may be readily adjusted using MCM panels. Players will enjoy an immersive experience with this mod loaded, with no compatibility difficulties or bugs.

Pros and Cons

Rain and Snow FX is a Skyrim Follower mod that adds realistic rain and snow effects to the game, creating a more immersive experience for gamers. In this essay, we’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing this mod.


  • Adds genuine rain and snow effects to Skyrim, making it appear more colorful and gorgeous.
  • Rain and snowfall strength, duration, direction, and so on are all configurable.
  • Improves the whole game experience.
  • Makes Skyrim seem more realistic.


  • Can be overkill for gamers who don’t want such strong graphics.
  • Can influence game performance if too many rain/snow effects are active at once.
  • May create some clipping difficulties owing to objects obscuring the view of some places.


Sofia is a fantastic Skyrim companion mod that adds a distinctive follower to players’ journeys. She is a highly configurable character that can be introduced to your playthrough and reacts to game events as well as the player’s decisions. Sofia comes with additional speech, enhanced battle AI, and several options for customizing her appearance and behavior as a mod. This makes her an excellent buddy for both new and seasoned gamers.

Sofia wears clothes that distinguishes her from the majority of Skyrim’s followers – a fitting leather jerkin and pants, as well as certain armor pieces that compliment her appearance – and has a broad variety of fighting talents. All Sofia needs is an adventurer who is willing to join her on her journey. You can have that possibility with this mod.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the fifth edition in the renowned open-world fantasy series, and it, like its predecessors, enables users to customize their gameplay via the use of modifications. While there are many various sorts of modifications for Skyrim, one of the most popular is Follower mods. These let players to manage non-playable individuals throughout the game to help them in combat, fulfill objectives, or just give company.

In 2021, the Top 5 Skyrim Follower Mods are:

  • Inigo; gives hundreds of lines of speech and voice acting, as well as his own quest path.
  • Auri; provides a full crafting system that may be utilized to create potions or powerful new weapons.
  • Khajiit Follower has an unusual quest path that challenges them with collecting lost relics.
  • Rina, the Noble Archer, functions as a standard archer follower for short ranged combat situations.
  • Serana, the Vampire Lord’s Follower provides an engaging plot based on vampires that may be both difficult and rewarding for those that take it on.


The title “Top#15 Skyrim Japanese Mods” refers to the 15 finest Japanese-themed mods for the popular computer game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Such modifications may radically alter the appearance and feel of your character as well as the overall Skyrim gameplay experience. Japanese modifications may add additional characters, goods, weaponry, clothing, architecture, animations, and even real Japanese voice acting to games. Many of these modifications have undergone intensive testing and bug-fixing to guarantee that they are compatible with the most recent version of the game.

Improved visuals for characters and environments, improved game balance, new characters with interesting stories and traits, authentic clothing from Japan’s real-life Edo period, natural weather effects such as snow or rain showers, realistic body physics for both humanoids and monsters alike, shrines dedicated to various deities from Japan’s Shinto practices, dynamic events such as festivals or merchant gatherings selling.

  • Improved visuals for characters and environments
  • Improved game balance
  • New characters with interesting stories and traits
  • Authentic clothing from Japan’s real-life Edo period
  • Natural weather effects such as snow or rain showers
  • Realistic body physics for both humanoids and monsters alike
  • Shrines dedicated to various deities from Japan’s Shinto practices
  • Dynamic events such as festivals or merchant gatherings selling

Pros and Cons

When it comes to Skyrim follower modifications, there are a few benefits and drawbacks to consider before deciding on the perfect mod for you.

The primary advantage of utilizing modifications is that they enable users to personalize the game to their liking. Mods include additional followers, bonuses, talents, armor sets, and other features that may make the game more fun for those that desire something different from the standard experience.

On the downside, owing to incompatibility concerns with other modifications, certain mods may create difficulties such as glitches or game crashes. Furthermore, depending on the mod, some may need extra software or coding ability to function correctly.

Before installing any mod, it is critical to first investigate its features and compatibility to provide an ideal experience while playing Skyrim with followers:

  • Benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Features
  • Compatibility
  • Extra software or coding ability


Auri is one of the greatest Skyrim followers available, and is unquestionably the ideal pick for any archer. During her introductory quest, she is a Nord spellsword who begins as an apprentice of the College of Winterhold. She has a distinct set of battle spells as well as the ability to do significant damage with her bow, making her an important tool when dealing with large groups of opponents.

Auri is a tremendously formidable warrior in battle, but she is also extremely devoted to her owner and would apparently do whatever they ask. Her own quest path challenges players to investigate some of Skyrim’s greatest secrets, providing them with a unique glimpse into the mythology. She is also well-voiced and can be found in most cities around Tamriel after finishing her introduction quest line.

Overall, Auri should always be one of your first picks for a partner if you want both strength and devotion.


Killmove modifications are a sort of mod that may be used to add extra animations and gameplay features to the popular game Skyrim. These modifications have grown in popularity because they enable users to add more realistic fighting animations to their gaming experience and offer foes a distinct advantage in battle.

The Killmove Mods provide a wide range of unique features, ranging from minor quality-of-life improvements like enhanced weapon handling to huge set pieces like adversaries having extra attack animations when starting new engagements. This creates a far more immersive experience, as well as some extra flair for those who take game modification seriously. For an even more immersive experience, check out the midden expanded mod.

The Top 5 Skyrim Follower Modifications of 2021 give a comprehensive collection of mods with innovative and thorough methods of boosting the realism and excitement in your gaming experience.


The best 5 Skyrim follower modifications of 2021 provide a unique and immersive experience to genuinely make the game unforgettable. The modifications include a number of extra features that will enhance any Skyrim fan’s experience. These modifications provide additional weaponry, enhanced conversation choices, new graphics, and a slew of other customisable features.

Some modifications also include whole questlines or tales, which may serve to create an even more dynamic gaming experience. There are additional commands and chat choices that allow you to affect how your followers engage with you, making for an even more customized experience. Players will be able to personalize their Skyrim travels with these highlighted follower modifications by crafting remarkable storylines that are distinctly their own.

Pros and Cons

Light Armors are an excellent option for Skyrim gamers who want their character to seem ready for any conflict. This mod contains a plethora of light armor settings that can be adjusted to any circumstance, as well as distinctive graphics enhanced by the killmove mod enhanced blood textures that are guaranteed to impress even the most discerning gamers.

The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Light Armor Mods in Skyrim are complicated. On the bright side, these modifications give players with a variety of aesthetically appealing armor styles that enhance the enjoyment of playing as their character, as well as greater protection from opponent strikes owing to their lightweight materials. Furthermore, since most light armors do not add unnecessary weight to your character owing to their lightweight build, it helps players to travel more rapidly across difficult locations or across long distances.

The disadvantage of wearing light armor is that it frequently provides only minimal protection against bigger adversaries and missiles like arrows or bolts. Furthermore, as they take more damage, their protection will swiftly erode, leaving your character exposed in combat.


Vilja is a popular Skyrim follower mod that adds a fully spoken and developed companion to the game. Vilja, created by Emo, features an engaging quest line and amazing AI control for a broad range of characters. Vilja, being one of the game’s longest-running modifications, has been updated multiple times to be compatible with new updates and to incorporate more missions and unique speech.

Vilja has become one of Skyrim’s most popular friends owing to her engaging chats, distinct personality, and ability to accompany the player character through even the most difficult side tasks. She may join players on hunts, follow you into combat, assist you in dragon engagements, or just give amusing chat throughout lengthy rides.

Vilja is a great companion that may bring even more depth to your Skyrim playing with her sophisticated AI answers and detailed clothes.


The Top 5 Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021 provide players more choices for building customized housecarls or other types of followers. These upgrades vary from offering companions more genuine characters and backstories to expanding their customizations and motions.

Using all of the available modifications, gamers can completely personalize their followers and make them stand out from vanilla followers. There are also new Skyrim modifications released on a regular basis, so there is certain to be something for everyone. The modifications covered here are among the finest presently available, and they provide as an excellent starting point for anybody wishing to build their own unique followers in the game.


Several factors were considered while deciding which modifications to include in our list of the Top 5 Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021.

  • To begin, all modifications had to be compatible with the game’s Special Edition.
  • Second, we sought for modifications that incorporated non-player characters (NPCs) with distinct personalities and/or backstories, as well as a variety of customization options such as weapons, armor, and clothing.
  • Finally, we looked at mod writers who have offered consistent updates and support since the mod’s first release. We also tried to choose fandom favorites or those that have had success on other platforms like Nexus Mods.

Pros and Cons

When looking at any mod for your favorite game, examine the pros and drawbacks. Each mod has a unique impact on gameplay, visuals, and the user experience. Before determining which mod is ideal for you, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

Skyrim gun modifications provide advantages such as greater realism with realistic ballistics, better weapon customisation, improved aesthetics with HD textures, and improved sound effects from various firearms. Gun modifications, on the other hand, have a steep learning curve owing to the intricacy of utilizing them effectively in-game, conflicts between mods that might influence performance adversely in certain situations, and compatibility issues due to mismatched versions between players.


Serana is a formidable vampire follower and one of 2021’s greatest Skyrim modifications. She is an engrossing character with an intriguing past and a distinct questline. Serana has her own mission including the player’s contacts with her family, as well as special speech and gameplay aspects. Serana can defeat even the most formidable adversaries due to her powerful fighting talents and magical abilities.

Many of Serana’s accessible choices, including additional encounters and various endings for her questline, allow players to tailor their experience. Despite being descended from an old vampire lineage, Serana can be trusted in any scenario.

Serana is one of the most adored characters from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, due to her unique skill set, amazing AI behavior, and companionship in discovering Skyrim’s numerous beauties.


Serana is a Skyrim follower mod developed by a skilled team of modders. This development will bring one of the most powerful followers to the game. With a strong and unique set of powers, including a specific fighting system, leveling up your major talents, and even bolstering your character when required, she makes a perfect companion.

Serana’s look may be completely customized to reflect your preferences. The mod also adds additional narratives and chat trees that you may use to help form your connection with Serana.

Overall, Serana is a fantastic follower mod that will provide you with hours of pleasure and excitement in Skyrim.


Serana, a Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021 mod, has a variety of features that make it one of the most popular Skyrim follower mods. The mod enables users to acquire Serana, the most powerful vampire companion in the Elder Scrolls. As they travel Tamriel, players may modify her in a variety of ways, with each modification having an immediate impact.

Players may also opt to improve Serana’s talents, making her more strong and successful in combat. Because of all the extra functions, this mod transforms Serana into a partner rather than simply a follower. She assists with vampire-related objectives and may even communicate with other NPCs directly during chats.

Improved stats, higher relationship levels, and new methods to replenish health and magicka are among the additional benefits:

  • Improved stats
  • Higher relationship levels
  • New methods to replenish health and magicka

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons section is an important component of determining the best Skyrim follower modifications. This might assist you in determining which mod is most suited to your gameplay requirements.

Serana’s advantages include the ability to perform tasks with her, such as The Dark Brotherhood questline, as well as the ability to personalize her appearance and skills. She has better A.I., allowing her to behave more realistically in-game and giving her additional possibilities to connect with people. Finally, she has her own questline that may be pursued further if desired. To find the best Skyrim Serana Mods in 2021, check out Seranaholic!

Serana’s disadvantage is that she lacks voice acting, making it harder to connect with her character in-game. Furthermore, some gamers believe she lacks certain fighting skills owing to her lack of access to magical spells or enchanted weapons. This may be a problem for those who want their followers to fight with them in combat. Overall, these drawbacks are small in comparison to the benefits this mod offers gamers searching for a unique Skyrim follower experience.


Finally, the top five Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021 are:

  • Inigo, providing a fully voiced follower with an interesting personality;
  • Interesting NPCs, providing a large selection of followers to choose from;
  • Sofia, providing a significant quest line for the player to undertake alongside her witty dialogue;
  • Vilja in Skyrim, providing a powerful set of quest options with romantic possibilities;
  • Ultimate Follower Overhaul, giving players extremely configurable follower choices including bespoke armor and weaponry.

Skyrim Follower Mods - Top 5 In 2021