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2021’s Top 5 Skyrim Vampire Mods You Must Have

Looking for the best Skyrim vampire mods? Look no further! Here are the top 5 Skyrim vampire mods you must have to make your game even more awesome.

Top 5 Skyrim Vampire Mods of All Time

Skyrim is a fantastic game, and there is no better way to improve it than through modifications. Vampire modifications stand out as a modifying genre that provides an immersive, realistic experience for gamers searching for a fresh way to enjoy the game.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five Skyrim Vampire Mods of all time to make your gaming experience more interesting. This list contains:

  • Vampire Lord abilities
  • New armors and clothes
  • A better AI and battle system for vampires
  • New vampire hairstyles and animations
  • Extra vampire factions with whom you may engage

These modifications substantially improve on Skyrim’s already fantastic aesthetics and gameplay, ensuring that that you get the most out of them.

#5 Better Vampires 8.5 Mod

Better Vampires 8.5 Mod is a must-have for every Skyrim Vampire. This mod lets the player to become a genuine vampire lord and enjoy all of the perks that come with it, such as improved powers like night vision, greater movement speed, and more. It also offers more customization choices, such as vampire sliders and the ability to create bespoke minions.

Furthermore, it includes better AI programming, which makes NPCs more responsive and enables them to respond to the player’s actions more intelligently. Finally, the Brotherhood of Old is introduced, a new group of strong ancient vampires that are very tough to beat in combat but may be recruited as friends if the player can show their value.

Overall, this mod is a must-have for any Skyrim Vampire lover, providing numerous hours of furious RPG action.

#4 Lustmord Vampire Armor Mod

Lustmord Vampire Armor’s vampire-themed armor mod adds a new set of armor to the game. It has tremendous skills such as the ability to transform into a bat, call Oblivion animals, replenish health, and even its own special perk that increases damage against vampires and werewolves. If you’re looking to install Skyrim werewolf mods, check out this link for the top 13 in 2021.

The armor is comprised of leather, steel plates, and scales with elaborate decorations for a really one-of-a-kind appearance. This v3 armor replacer mod also includes an alternative mission in which you must defeat a strong vampire who rules over a whole area.

With this mod loaded, you may appear like a vampire while still having access to all of the ancient vampire race’s abilities without having to become one.

#3 Sacrosanct Vampires of Skyrim Mod

The Sacrosanct Vampires of Skyrim Mod is one of the top five Skyrim modifications available in 2021. It adds a whole new level of complexity to Skyrim’s famed vampire experience. The patch lets players to select between three distinct vampire clans, each with its own set of benefits and skills.

As a member, you may explore new places, complete unique missions, learn powerful spells and enchantments, and even make things that only vampires can use. As a consequence, when questing in Skyrim, players will have several opportunity to alter their characters’ abilities and gaming experiences. Additionally, Sacrosanct Vampires introduces the Sicarius Refuge, an immersive adventure location that vampires may call home.

#2 Werewolf Or Vampire Starter Spell Tome

The Werewolf or Vampire Starter Spell Tome mod is popular among Skyrim gamers since it enables you to start your journey as a werewolf or vampire from level one. This mod includes a magic tome that allows you to become a werewolf or a vampire, and you may select which path you want to choose. Both ways are open until the tome is used, as the name indicates. However, once decided, you cannot change your mind without utilizing additional editing tools such as Creation Kit.

The patch also adds two new spells, one for clearing werewolf screams and another for usage with the Werewolf Perks Expanded mod. Overall, whether you intend on playing a werewolf or a vampire, this is an important addition to your game.

#1 Molag Bal Vampire Lord Version 2

One of the top five Skyrim Vampire Mods of 2021 is Molag Bal Vampire Lord Version 2. This mod, created by Mortalupdates, introduces a totally new race to the game: the Molag Bal Vampire Lord. Players that chose this race will have access to a plethora of amazing skills, such as improved jumping, leaping, gliding, and sprinting. They may also receive a new set of armor and weaponry specifically matched to their new status as a strong vampire ruler if they so want. For those looking for more variety, check out our top 5 Skyrim Follower Mods of 2021.

It certainly stands out among 2021’s top 5 Skyrim Vampire Mods, with its great graphics and gameplay features, making it an essential must-have for every lover of the Elder Scrolls franchise.


The best 5 Skyrim vampire modifications of 2021 are an excellent method to improve your gameplay and get the most out of your game. There are several modifications available to pick from, whether you want realistic visuals, new missions, or upgraded equipment. There is something for everyone with so many options.

If you’re seeking for fresh ways to enjoy Skyrim, all five vampire modifications discussed here are worth a go.

Regardless of the mod you pick, bear in mind that every player experiences will differ. Experiment with various combinations to discover the ones that best suit your playing style and preferences. Using these pointers in mind, you should be able to maximize your next session with one or more of these fantastic Skyrim vampire modifications, such as the Winter Cove Mod 3.

  • Mod 1
  • Mod 2
  • Mod 3
  • Mod 4
  • Mod 5

Skyrim Vampire Mods - Top 5 Mods In 2021

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