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The Top 13 Must-Have Skyrim Werewolf Mods for 2022

Looking for the best Skyrim werewolf mods? We’ve got you covered with our top 13 must-have mods for 2022! From new werewolf abilities to werewolf-themed armor and more, these mods will make your Skyrim werewolf experience even more immersive and exciting.

Best Skyrim Werewolf Mods for Xbox One – PS4 – and PC

Skyrim Werewolf Mods are an excellent way to revitalize the game. You may totally personalize your experience and enjoy a unique combination of fantasy, horror, and rewarding violence with our top 13 must-have mods. These mods can help bring your werewolf persona to life whether you’re playing on Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

These mods will offer your Skyrim character an advantage in combat, from enhanced werewolf aesthetics to improved AI behavior and werewolf howling spells. Furthermore, mods like as Lycanthrophy allow players to turn into their Werewolf form at any time, creating a more immersive and interesting gameplay experience. Look no further if you’re seeking for one of the greatest Skyrim Werewolf Mods available:

  • Enhanced Werewolf Aesthetics
  • Improved AI Behavior
  • Werewolf Howling Spells
  • Lycanthrophy

How to Install Skyrim Werewolf Mods?

Skyrim Werewolf Mods installation is a straightforward procedure that may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the mod.

  1. On begin, save the appropriate mod to your PC.
  2. Then, move it to your Skyrim Data folder. To get to this folder, type %appdata% into your computer’s search box, then click on Roaming” and then Skyrim.”
  3. Once inside, run the mod manager you installed and activate the downloaded mod by clicking on it in the mod manager’s selection box.
  4. Finally, save your changes and quit the mod manager. When requested to save again after departing Skyrim, choose yes.”

You should now be able to activate your newly discovered mods in-game and enjoy their additional perks.


The Q&A section refers to a portion of the article that answers frequently asked questions concerning the top 13 must-have Skyrim werewolf mods for 2022. Readers may get fast answers to any questions they may have regarding installing, operating, and optimizing their favorite mods in this area. This section is very helpful for folks who are new to modding or require additional information on how a certain mod works.

The Q&A area will also allow readers to ask their own questions, which will be addressed by other experienced modders or staff members. This is useful because it allows readers to learn more about the highlighted mods while also engaging in meaningful discourse with other members of the community. It should also be mentioned that some of the subjects addressed in this article may reflect personal opinion, therefore readers should use caution before taking any advise.

Can you turn followers into werewolves in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, you may transform your followers into werewolves. Acquisitive Soul Gems is a mod. Multithreaded ASG lets your character to collect and store the souls of NPCs and animals in soul gems. You may then utilize the kidnapped soul to turn a follower into a Werewolf. The ASG mod also introduces Grand Soul Gems, which are used to imprison higher level monsters such as dragons.

Your character may even utilize Grand Soul Gems to turn into werewolves for five days if they have enough magicka. This mod is ideal for passionate role-players wishing to enhance their Skyrim gaming experience.

How do you get infinite werewolf in Skyrim?

If you wish to be a werewolf in Skyrim forever, you’re in luck. You may become an endless werewolf with the correct mod, which means your transformation never wears off and you have access to limitless skills and abilities.

Rustic Soul Gems “is one of the most important Skyrim Werewolf mods for 2022. It introduces a new spellbook as well as three new spells: “Howl of Rage,” “Gift of Lycanthropy,” and “Permanent Transformation.” that enable the caster to transform into a werewolf without the need for a blessing, soulgem, or anything else. Additionally, the spellbook also includes a Vampire Starter Spell that can be used to turn a character into a vampire. Learn more about this and other Skyrim Vampire Mods for 2021. Once cast, the change is permanent, and the character becomes an endless werewolf with all the benefits that come with it.

This mod also allows you to change the color of your fur and the speed of your bullets and claws. It also makes Werewolf talents much more strong than previously by adding new metrics such as increased regenerative power when in wolf form.

Overall, this is one of the most popular mods available today for Skyrim players who wish to experience ultimate power as an endless werewolf.

Can you become a werewolf more than once in Skyrim?

Certain mods that enable the Player Character to become a werewolf numerous times in the game allow the Player Character to become a werewolf several times. SPERG (Supernatural Powers Expanded Rebalanced and Gameplay Enhanced) is the most popular mod that enables players to become a werewolf many times. This patch adds a variety of vampire and werewolf perks that may be utilized again. It also introduces new abilities such as transformations, calling allies, and draining life energy.

Ordinator Perks of Skyrim is another popular mod that grants the player extra perks after they become a werewolf. Increased damage resistance, stamina regeneration, movement speed, health regeneration, and quicker attacks are among the benefits. These abilities, like SPERG, may be utilized again as long as the player has adequate Magicka or Stamina. So, if you want to become a werewolf more than once in Skyrim, either SPERG or Ordinator are viable options.


Werewolf mods are an excellent way to expand your Skyrim gaming experience. These 13 mods are an excellent place to start if you want to turn your character into an unstoppable, strong werewolf. Each mod adds new features, aesthetics, and effects to the game, making it more engaging.

These mods will help you create an exceptional gaming experience that you may enjoy for years to come, from the gorgeous visuals of the Werewolf Retexture mod to the realistic combat mechanics of Werewolf Mod Reborn. Remember that with skill and determination, you, too, may stand among Tamriel’s most ferocious monsters.

Top 13 Must-Have Skyrim Werewolf Mods In 2022

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