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The Top 16 Exciting Skyrim Thieves Guild Mods for 2021

Looking for some new and exciting ways to add to your Skyrim Thieves Guild experience? Check out our top 16 mods for 2021! From new heists and missions to unique NPCs and player homes, there’s something for everyone. So get ready to get your thieve on!

Skyrim Thieves Guild Mods to make your Thieves Guild playthrough much more interesting

The Skyrim Thieves Guild is a fantastic way to see Skyrim from the viewpoint of a thief. These Mods are intended to make the Thieves Guild gameplay more engaging.

The Handy Thieves Tools mod is the most popular Skyrim mod, enabling players to pickpocket, lockpick, and even create their own pickpocketing and lockpicking tools. There are additional immersive features such as crime scenes with rewards, new weaponry, and even burglars who may provide you with work. Other mods provide new chat choices when talking to Khajiit caravans or make it simpler to take in-game things without penalty.

Some mods also include new characters and groups, such as The Gray Fox guild or other gangs linked to the Thieves guild. The finest mods all have one thing in common: they enable players to completely immerse themselves in the world of stealing while still progressing in the game.

#16 Opulent Thieves Guild

For those interested in joining the famed and talented guild of thieves, the Opulent Thieves Guild mod for 2021 brings a whole new level of immersion and adventure to the game. This mod provides players with a completely new headquarters complete with offices, training rooms, and hidden passageways, as well as some thrilling new adventures that put their abilities to the test.

Players may accept tasks from other guild members to steal rare artifacts, infiltrate cities, or apprehend strong outlaws. They may also earn prizes such as weapons, armor, and equipment that they can use to aid other members. This mod provides your character an in-depth experience with the guild, letting you to explore all of its subtleties, including plenty of unique dialogue and tasks.

#15 Thieves Guild For Good Guys Taking Care of Business Redux

The Thieves Guild for Good Guys Taking Care of Business Redux mod is a one-of-a-kind addition to Skyrim that gamers of all ages will appreciate. This mod enables the player to join the Thieves guild without incurring a bounty, allowing them to achieve missions and goals that do not need stealing.

The mod’s defining feature, though, is its customisable vampire look. Players may choose from four various vampire appearances, each with its own set of fangs and eyes. This gives gamers a fun chance to personalize their character and stand out in the world of Skyrim.

#14 Following Mercer A Thieves Guild Quest

The interactions between the player and the Thieves Guild are the center of this mod. Players will be sent to a different location after completing a task with Mercer Frey. This mission is particularly unusual in that it introduces new conversation, dialogue choices, and characters to the game.

Following Mercer A Thieves Guild Quest not only provides players with an intriguing tale campaign, but it also offers a feeling of development while accomplishing chores for Guildmasters Tonilia and Vex. Players may either accompany Mercer on his adventure or assist different guild members. In any case, there are specific prizes for completing tasks, as well as an unique quest line if all objectives are accomplished. This mod is intended for people searching for an immersive extension to the Thieves Guild narrative thread in the standard game.

#13 Thief Guild Master Armor Replacer

The thirteen Thief Guild Master Armor Replacer mod significantly improves the Thieves Guild Master’s armor. This mod enhances the intricacy and realism of the guildmaster armor while adhering to Skyrim’s conventional armor style. The armor looks to be composed of metal or leather and is somewhat deeper in color. It also comes with a dagger and sheathe that suits the rest of the costume wonderfully.

This patch not only updates the textures, but also adds new models that boost realism during Skyrim battle moments, adding an extra layer of complexity to an already well-crafted game. The armor is also completely compatible with other mods, enabling users to further personalize their character.

#12 Thieves Guild Requirements

The Thieves Guild Requirements mod makes the Thieves Guild questline more demanding. You must complete several activities in order to join the guild, and you must achieve specific requirements before you may advance. This mod makes it considerably more difficult to join the guild since it guarantees that people are completely prepared for their new job.

The objectives vary from basic thievery, lockpicking, and pickpocketing activities to difficult puzzles and quests. This mod’s extra complexity offers a unique challenge for even experienced players, making it one of the greatest Skyrim thieves guild mods available. This mod also contains a one-of-a-kind Enhanced Vampire Face, which adds a dramatic touch to your vampire character – ideal for immersing yourself in this legendary crime-ridden town.

#11 Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors

To be honest, HD Thieves Guild Armors is the ideal Skyrim mod for Thieves Guild aficionados. This mod transforms twelve of the basic game’s armors into vibrant and eye-catching sets. All armors feature modified textures that are twice as detailed as the originals, and all armor components come in a variety of color options.

The most interesting aspect of this patch is the addition of four new armor sets: Doublet, Duelist, Shadowguard, and Iron Guard. There are also extra headwear alternatives to further tailor your appearance.

While HD Thieves Guild Armors does not provide new functionality to your game, it does provide some genuinely memorable visual options for a fantastic roleplaying experience.

#10 Less Tedious Thieves Guild

One of the most fascinating Skyrim Thieves Guild mods available right now is the Less Tedious Thieves Guild mod. This hack eliminates most of the tiresome activities and allows you to proceed through the guild plot much quicker. It also includes new elements such as leveled treasure, chests to locate, and merchants. Players will also be able to buy various tools and supplies to use when exploring dungeons or doing other chores in the game.

This patch adds a new layer of intricacy and rewards to the Thieves Guild, making it an even more engaging experience.

#9 Rowdys Nightingale Armor Overhaul

The Rowdys Nightingale Armor Overhaul mod completely overhauls the basic nightingale armor set, making you seem like a genuine thief while you’re out and about in Skyrim. New textures and normal maps for the helmet, boots, gloves, shield, and other equipment are also included in this armor upgrade.

To begin installing this mod, you must first get it from a website such as Nexus Mods or Steam Workshop. After downloading, extract the files to your Data folder in your Skyrim game directory on your hard drive. After that, start your game launcher, such as Steam, and pick to launch with the mod chosen. After that, the mod will be completely installed and ready to use.

#8 Thieves Guild Followers and Spouses

The Thieves Guild Followers and Spouses mod, which improves the experience of being a member of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim, is the eighth mod referenced in this article. This patch adds a slew of new followers to the guild and may be a fantastic complement to your character’s backstory. It also introduces over 20 additional wives for players to pick from, enabling them to form meaningful ties with their guildmates. In addition, players now have access to some incredible new equipment designed exclusively for thieves and rogues.

The Thieves Guild Followers and Spouses mod is ideal for Skyrim gamers searching for an extra degree of realism while playing as a thief or rogue.

#7 Thieves Guild Overhaul with General Stores

This mod completely revamps the Thieves Guild, providing the player access to a slew of new features. The most important is the General Store, where players may buy Guild-related products. Lockpicks, poisons, and even thief’s tools are examples.

It also introduces hundreds of new creatures and NPCs to Skyrim. This mod also features a complicated lockpicking system that takes skill and effort to master, making it more difficult for experienced players. It also includes an in-game logbook with tips from Brynjolf on how to become a better thief.

Furthermore, this patch balances several of the current guild tasks in order to make them more engaging and beneficial for the player:

  • General Store
  • Hundreds of new creatures and NPCs
  • Complicated lockpicking system
  • In-game logbook with tips
  • Balanced guild tasks

#6 Thieves Guild Alternate Routes Taking Care of Business

This sixth mod on our list allows the player to join the Thieves Guild while simultaneously running their own company. It offers up new paths for you to go in order to fulfill tasks while also completing side quests. This mod is a great method to give the game’s plotlines a little more complexity and flavor.

Furthermore, it allows players to join the Thieves Guild and earn money without having to engage in burglaries or pickpocketing. This patch, when combined with other mods that concentrate on enhancing guild benefits and lowering guild dangers, will make your life as a would-be thief significantly simpler – and a lot more fascinating.

#5 Destroy the Thieves Guild

Destroy the Thieves Guild is the fifth mod on the list of the best 16 Thieves Guild mods for 2021. This mod allows users to join the Thieves Guild, but with a twist: they may also destroy it. Players that join the guild have access to a variety of powerful new tools and skills. They can create traps and alarms, steal from unwary NPCs, and do a variety of other things. Players have far more influence over their gameplay experience with this mod loaded, as they go about demolishing portions of the guild and receiving prizes for their efforts.

This patch introduces an intriguing new element to Skyrim’s famed thieves’ guild, enabling players to be more creative with their gameplay and devise innovative techniques for becoming master thieves in one of Tamriel’s most populated locations.

#4 Thieves Guild Armor HD revival

One of the top 16 interesting Skyrim Thieves Guild mods for 2021 is the Thieves Guild Armor HD resurrection mod. This mod resurrects the original Thieves Guild armor, which had grown obsolete since its first release. The new HD version has enhanced textures, normal maps, and a cleaner design, taking your thief gaming experience to a whole new level by delivering a more genuine aesthetic.

This patch, in addition to better aesthetics, includes an extended color palette enabling complete customization of your character’s wardrobe. This patch also includes fresh and vibrant colors for both male and female characters, as well as two sets of unique armor parts inspired by the game’s original armors. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals want to distinguish their Thieves Guild character in the game’s community.

#3 True HD Nightingale

True HD Nightingale is a popular Skyrim Thieves Guild mod. This patch enhances the game’s aesthetics by adding detailed high-resolution textures and more realistic lighting effects. True HD Nightingale also includes additional sound effects, enhancing your stealing experience. Furthermore, this patch replaces all of the Nightingale Armor models with high-quality ones, offering even more realism to your character’s look.

True HD Nightingale is a popular mod among players since it improves the appearance of Skyrim’s Thieves Guild without affecting the style of the original game. True HD Nightingale is an excellent choice if you want to improve your gaming experience and bring it one step closer to reality.

#2 Another Black Thieves Guild Armor

The “Another Black Thieves Guild” armor mod for Skyrim’s Thieves Guild is one of the best mods available. This mod adds a one-of-a-kind suit of armor that looks excellent when combined with the Another Blacksmith’s hood or other pieces of armor. The soul gem effects, which give you an additional boost while employing stealthy magic talents like invisibility or muffle, are the mod’s major feature. It also includes amazing leather accessories, such as leather trousers and gloves, to complete your assassin outfit.

If you want to make an impression at the Thieves Guild, this is the way to go. The Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB Soul Gems mod will make you seem as strong and terrifying as your guildmates.

#1 Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons

The popular Elder Scrolls game Skyrim has a mod called Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons. This patch adds high-definition graphics to every Nightingale armor in the game, as well as additional Nightingale-specific weaponry. It also includes a magnificent new chest piece that suits the rest of the armor nicely. The textures in this mod are among the nicest you’ll find for any armor set in Skyrim, making it stand out.

Furthermore, this mod adds a slew of new enchantments to each of these items, which may be applied at any arcane enchanter station. This results in an exceptionally strong set that will make any player feel like a genuine thief, ideal for gamers utilizing SPERG or Ordinator.


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Is it worth joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

The answer to that question is largely dependent on the kind of Skyrim experience you want. If you’re a big fan of the series, you should definitely join the Thieves Guild in Skyrim. The Thieves Guild takes you on a thrilling adventure via heists and illegal acts. It’s no wonder that joining the Thieves Guild has been such a popular notion and subject within the Elder Scrolls community, with so many unique tasks to perform and prizes for accomplishment.

Along with the plot of the basic game, players may access engaging material via fan-made mods created by experienced modders. Another reason why joining the thieves guild might be so appealing; There are other fantastic mods available that build on this idea, enabling users to enhance their experience. From sophisticated riddles to skumhole tasks, these Thieves Guild Mods breathe new life into Skyrim’s normally straight questline, making it seem much more active.

Does joining the Thieves Guild affect anything?

Joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim may lead to a slew of new chances. Players may access several unique standing stones in addition to purchasing stuff from the guild’s secret shop. These stones may provide players different benefits such as improved pickpocketing success and the ability to travel swiftly between two spots in a certain region.

Joining this guild may also alter your ties with some NPCs and groups, particularly those tied to crime and law enforcement, as well as provide you access to previously closed-off discussion choices. Depending on your decisions, you may get various prizes or face various penalties. For example:

  • Helping a fellow guild member may result in higher benefits.
  • Betraying them may result in a bounty being set on your head.

Should I join the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood first?

Your in-game goals will determine whether you join the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood initially. The Thieves Guild is an excellent choice for adding character and flair to your adventure. The guild grants you access to a range of jobs, goals, and awards that may enhance your experience in Skyrim.

Alternatively, if you want to level up rapidly by participating in any Dark Brotherhood contract, this is the guild for you. The Thieves Guild also provides specific training that may help you pick locks and steal stuff without being noticed, whilst the Dark Brotherhood has a variety of deadly weaponry at their disposal.

Finally, it is up to you to decide which guild to join first based on the kind of experience you want:

  • The Thieves Guild grants access to jobs, goals, and awards that may enhance your experience in Skyrim.
  • The Dark Brotherhood provides a variety of deadly weaponry and the chance to level up rapidly.


The Thieves Guild of Skyrim is a vibrant and diversified group that allows players to participate in exhilarating thievery activities. Players may make their time with the guild even more fun and thrilling by using some amazing mods that are available for 2021. These sixteen mods include anything from new items to missions to features, providing each playthrough something new and different. They provide diversity and a higher degree of fun to your experience as a thief in Skyrim’s universe.

Players will be able to participate in a number of thievery-related activities while also feeling the excitement of being a member of one of Skyrim’s most known criminal organizations thanks to these mods:

  • New items
  • Missions
  • Features

Top 16 Exciting Skyrim Thieves Guild Mods - Best of 2021

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