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Unlocking Your Vampire Look with Skyrim Mods for PS4 and Xbox One

Looking to add a bit of extra excitement to your Skyrim gameplay? Check out our list of the best mods for PS4 and Xbox One that’ll help you unlock your inner vampire!

1. Fangs and Eyes A Vampire Appearance Mod

The Fangs and Eyes A Vampire Appearance Mod for PS4 and Xbox One is an excellent approach to get the complete vampire appearance in Skyrim. This mod gives the player’s character black fangs and crimson eyes, which assist to keep the vampire aspect. It even lets you to somewhat personalize your eyes, with several sizes and hues available. Additionally, this patch adds several unique qualities such as vampiric hunger and sunlight sensitivity, giving you an even more authentic appearance while playing a vampire in Skyrim.

You can finally bring your character’s vampiric appearance to life with this hack:

  • Black fangs
  • Crimson eyes
  • Vampiric hunger
  • Sunlight sensitivity

2. DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance

DVA Dynamic Vampire Appearance uses a variety of modifications to generate dynamic and one-of-a-kind vampire appearances for characters in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod is exclusive for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming platforms.

While you add DVA to your game, you will get access to an infinite number of dynamic vampire appearances when playing as a vampire character in Skyrim. These appearances may be changed or added to by altering or adding clothes, hair styles, cosmetics, eye color, tattoos, and other elements. You may also use a dynamic animation function to improve your vampire character’s face emotions.

This patch also enables additional vampire skills such as feeding on non-player characters (NPCs) utilizing unique animations, as well as other features such as seeing in the dark and extremely fast sprinting speed. You may unleash tremendous vampire abilities or just enjoy dressing up your character anyway you like with this hack loaded on your console.

3. Enhanced Vampire Face

The Skyrim Enhanced Vampire Face mod is intended to give players a more vampire-like look. The ability to adjust facial traits such as light skin tone, blood red eyes, and sharper fangs is one of the mod’s main features. It also lets you customize the size and form of your character’s face. This mod also includes various additional cosmetics choices, allowing you to further modify your character’s appearance. Black eye shadow, metallic lipstick, and vampiric blush are among the cosmetic choices.

Overall, the Enhanced Vampire Face mod for Skyrim for PS4 and Xbox One is an amazing method for gamers to enhance or modify their vampire avatars.

4. Dawnguard Vampires Retain your Appearance

Dawnguard vampires keep your appearance, so you don’t have to give up your character’s distinctive appearance if you want to become a vampire. This functionality is not included in the standard version of Skyrim; but is accessible as part of a mod. If you’ve ever wanted to experience vampirism in Skyrim without giving up your character’s flair, then Dawnguard Vampire mod is for you.

The update, which is available for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Skyrim, replaces the original vampire models with the new Dawnguard models. This implies that rather than becoming a generic-looking vampire with a set of looks, you will retain your unique physical appearance while playing as a vampire in Skyrim. It also expands your options for further personalizing your design.

5. Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul

Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul is a Skyrim mod for the Xbox One and PS4 that enables users to change the appearance of their vampire character. It provides various aesthetic choices for creating a totally distinctive vampire appearance. This contains new body and face textures, eye color options, hair styles, and tooth customisation, among other things.

This mod allows players to choose from a variety of body types and facial forms available in-game when playing as a vampire. They can also apply cosmetics such as blush and lipstick, as well as choose from a variety of eye colors such as electric blue, purple flame eyes, and brilliant yellow eyes. All of these elements contribute to a unique appearance that no other characters in the game will have.

This mod is ideal for individuals who want to express their creativity and create a really one-of-a-kind experience while playing Skyrim as a vampire.

How to Download the Skyrim Appearance Mod?

The Skyrim Look Mod enables users to change the appearance of their character in the game. It provides a variety of new vampire appearances for PS4 and Xbox One gamers.

To begin, go to the Bethesda website, log in with your account information, and look for Skyrim Special Edition option. You will then be presented with a list of modifications that are available for download. Scroll down until you come across the Vampire Look Pack. This is the option we’re searching for. When you’ve located it, click the Download Now button and install the mod by following any on-screen prompts.

Once installed, play your game and choose Customize Your Character from the main menu screen. This will reveal all of your choices, including Vampire Look Options, which will enable you to adjust your character’s hair color, facial features, skin tone, and other characteristics. Simply try out various appearances until you find one you like, then save it and start playing.


Skyrim Mods for PS4 and Xbox One allow gamers to personalize their avatars and create a distinct style that will set them apart from the rest. Whether you want to be a fearsome werewolf, a terrifying vampire, or a strong witch hunter, these modifications provide a plethora of possibilities for crafting your ideal character design. They may also provide realism, allowing for a greater sense of immersion in the game’s universe.

Skryim’s massive mod library provides unlimited opportunities for PS4 and Xbox One users looking to unleash their inner vampire. Having the opportunity to personalize characters in-game has never been simpler than with Skyrim Mods available on consoles.

Skyrim Vampire Appearance Mods for PS4 and Xbox One

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