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The Only Skyrim Friendly Fire Mod You’ll Ever Need – Get It Now!

Looking for a Skyrim friendly fire mod? Look no further than the One True Fire Mod! This amazing mod allows you to set fire to your enemies without harming your allies, making it the perfect tool for taking down those pesky dragons!

What Is the Best Skyrim Friendly Fire Mod of All Time? 12 Most Popular Friendly Fire Mods to Choose from

Skyrim’s friendly fire mod gives the popular role-playing game a unique touch that elevates it above many of its rivals. It lets players to choose from 12 distinct friendly fire mods and make game adjustments that enable or deactivate the ability for adversaries, allies, and NPCs to cause damage when they collide.

This mod also includes a plethora of settings that users may tailor to their tastes. For example, users may specify:

  • whether friendly NPCs can fight each other with melee weapons, arrows, or spells;
  • if spell damage grows with each character’s level; and
  • whether summoned monsters attack both opponents and friends.

With this mod loaded in Skyrim, players may enjoy an altogether new level of immersion.

#12 Serana No Friendly Fire

Serana No Friendly Fire is a well-known friendly fire mod for the computer game Skyrim. The update enables players to combat Serana, the game’s formidable vampire, without fear of unintentionally striking her. When Serana is in your party, this mod disables friendly fire, which means that any damage done will only effect enemies and not your own party members.

This mod also allows you to choose which NPCs are impacted by friendly fire and which are not. This gives you greater control over how fights are waged inside the game by allowing you to create your own rules for who can and cannot be targeted by your own assaults.

#11 Serana Immune to Dawnbreaker Friendly Fire

The mod#11 friendly fire Serana is resistant to Dawnbreaker. Friendly Fire is a fantastic mod that makes Serana the only character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that cannot be injured by friendly fire.

The Dawnbreaker, a formidable weapon linked with Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Mercy, was introduced as part of Skyrim’s Dawnguard expansion. This weapon has a strong side effect: anybody who is hit by it risks being set on fire and dying if the flames are not swiftly extinguished. With this mod loaded, players no longer have to worry about unintentionally putting Serana on fire while using the Dawnbreaker, making this formidable weapon more simpler and safer to wield.

#10 Focused No Friendly Fire Chain Lightning and Fireball Spells

The Focused No Friendly Fire Chain Lightning and Fireball Spells mod is the only mod you’ll ever need to keep foes in your sights while avoiding friendly fire. This mod allows foes to absorb significantly more damage through their shields, resulting in less time spent waiting for adversaries to die or seeking for new ones. It also assures that you never inadvertently harm your teammates with a spell since the Focused No Friendly Fire feature constantly follows its target until it is destroyed.

This enchantment avoids inadvertent buddy fire and enhances your overall Skyrim experience, whether you’re playing alone or with buddies.

#9 NOFF No Offensive Friendly Fire

NOFF No Offensive Friendly Fire is the greatest Skyrim friendly fire mod, offering a novel and straightforward method of initiating and disabling friendly fire in the game. In a word, this patch enables players to block ally NPCs from receiving damage in certain places or locations while still allowing them to attack and deliver damage to opponents.

The finest feature is that gamers may quickly swap between the options based on their preferences. This will also have no effect on any of the game’s current settings, so nothing will be broken. Overall, NOFF No Offensive Friendly Fire is a must-have mod for every Skyrim player who wishes to control the health of their friends without sacrificing battle prowess.

#8 No More Friendly Fire Complaints

The best Skyrim friendly fire mod is No More Friendly Fire Complaints, or NMFF for short. Once placed, you will never longer have to worry about any of your followers being injured during a combat. Aside from giving you peace of mind, this mod will improve your game experience by incorporating more realistic components like damage adjustments that make fighting more thrilling.

Furthermore, this mod is compatible with any other modifications you may already have loaded, making it even simpler to use and configure to your liking. So, if you want a friendly fire mod that’s simple to install and has realistic features, No More Friendly Fire Complaints is the one for you.

#7 Simple Offence Suppression Block Friendly Fire Add-on

To make the game more user-friendly, Fangs and Eyes A Vampire Appearance Mod adds a Simple Offence Suppression Block Friendly Fire Add-on. This change prohibits players from attacking one other and removes friendly fire, making the game more engaging.

This add-on also enables users to play local coop without fear of accidentally damaging or interfering with one another’s gaming sessions. Furthermore, this patch gives the player entire control over who may and cannot attack them, providing for a more personalized gameplay experience.

This add-on improves overall game play and is ideal for people searching for a more complete Skyrim experience without having to worry about friendly fire or unintentional damage.

#6 Simple Offence Suppression Block Friendly Fire Combat Only

Vampire Appearance that is Dynamic DVA is a magical mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that enables you to customize friendly fire combat. The six Simple Offence Suppression Blocks are used in this mod to limit friendly fire by deactivating offence spells; unequipping unarmed combat weapons, and prohibiting followers from assaulting other followers.

It also prevents all magicka and stamina restoration while in battle, requiring players to depend on strategic healing and retreats rather than magical heal-over-time spells. DVA is a fantastic mod for people who seek a more realistic Skyrim experience or just want to avoid accidental player-on-player combat.

You may establish your own rules for friendly fire fighting using DVA, allowing you greater control over how fights play out in your game:

  • Deactivate offence spells.
  • Unequip unarmed combat weapons.
  • Prohibit followers from assaulting other followers.
  • Prevent all magicka and stamina restoration while in battle.
  • Require players to depend on strategic healing and retreats.

#5 Atronach Friendly Fire

Atronach Friendly Fire is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that enables you to activate friendly fire for all summoned atronachs. Because you’ll need to be cautious not to hurt both your buddy and your adversary with the same spell, this mod enables you to make better and more strategic choices during combat.

Furthermore, this patch adds an added element of complexity and excitement to the game by requiring you to avoid harming your own summoned animals while inflicting damage to foes. It’s time for some fierce combat with Atronach Friendly Fire.

#4 Simple Offence Suppression MCM Block Friendly Fire

The Phenderix Elemental Fighter Skyrim Unarmed Mod improves gameplay by offering additional features and choices. The MCM Block Friendly Fire function is one of the mod’s primary features. This feature employs basic offensive suppression strategies to ensure that your teammates are not harmed by friendly fire, resulting in a more balanced experience for everyone.

Other features of the Phenderix Elemental Fighter mod include:

  • New enchantments
  • Increased perks
  • Spell adjustments
  • And much more.

This mod is one of the most recommended modifications for Skyrim Unarmed users, thanks to its simple MCM settings, rich configuration files, and dedicated development team.

#3 Enemy Friendly Fire

The Enemy Friendly Fire mod lets you to combat your enemy at close range without fear of friendly casualties. This is extremely important for gamers who are playing on crowded servers and need to eliminate their opponents as rapidly as possible without endangering their comrades.

It operates by rendering friendly fire damage caused on Skyrim NPCs 100% non-lethal, allowing you to battle them without concern of incurring any friendly casualties. Furthermore, it disables the ability to employ fatal force against NPCs, requiring all confrontations to be resolved through nonlethal ways such as pacifying spells or hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

This is an excellent approach to guarantee that there are no collateral casualties in your engagements and provides for a quick, effective method of eliminating opponents while reducing harm to bystanders.

#2 SNIFF Simple No Internal Friendly Fire

SNIFF Simple No Internal Friendly Fire is a Skyrim mod that allows you to cast spells and use weapons on your enemy while eliminating friendly fire. This mod is fully compatible with all previous Skyrim versions and was created to be as user-friendly as possible.

To get the mod, go to the Nexus Mods website and search for SNIFF Simple No Internal Friendly Fire. You’ll find a link to the file as well as extensive instructions on how to install it properly here. You may require a specialist program, such as Archive Unpacker, to fully install the mod, so make sure you have it available before you begin downloading. When the installation is finished, you may begin playing. Have a good time with no friendly fire victims.

#1 Simple Offence Suppression

Simple Offence Suppression is a Skyrim friendly fire mod that helps users handle their friendly fire problem. The mod was created for individuals who wish to safeguard their teammates from other people’s blunders and avoid unintentional fatalities in chaotic battle circumstances.

This mod reduces the severity of friendly fire with adjustable settings and an integrated immunity mechanism, as well as making spells and abilities that hurt teammates non-lethal. Simple Offense Suppression helps you keep order in your squad while still maintaining fair play.

Simple Offence Suppression is a must-have mod for anyone searching for a dependable approach to keep everyone safe while still having fun.


This Skyrim friendly fire mod is a must-have for all Skyrim gamers who wish to fully enjoy the game. With this mod, you may have dynamic interactions with your opponents, hard fights against NPCs, and even become a tactical master by controlling friendly fire damage appropriately. This mod also optimizes performance and ensures that users have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Finally, if you want to get the most out of your Skyrim experience, this friendly fire mod is the only one you’ll ever need. Get it now and start making some exciting fights right now.

The Only Skyrim Friendly Fire Mod You